Winnipeg East 113 - 1100 Concordia Ave-Southern MB Academy for Response Training

Winnipeg East 113 - 1100 Concordia Ave

 SMART Concordia Academy is operated by Dave McMullen R.N., CFRN, ENCC, P.C.P. Dave is the Co-owner of Southern Manitoba Academy of Response Training and Lead instructer at Winnipeg, East location. Dave has been a Registered Nurse for 34 years and a Flight Registered Nurse for 30 years with Lifeflight Air Ambulance, as well as a retired Flight Nurse for S.T.A.R.S.

Dave has been instructing the Emergency Medical Responder program for over 25 years, as well as Primary Care Paramedic, and related courses.

Once the classroom component (blitz or partime) is completed, students will attend "skills nights" on Tuesday and Thursdays from 1830-2130. These skills nights are dedicated evenings for students to attend and practice all skills in order to become proficent and obtain skill mastery.

Testing will consist of a written and practical exam. Written exam is 100 questions, 80% pass required.
Practical exam will  be demonstration of practised skills with competancy mastery for pass.

Students have six months of allotted skills nghts to practice.  Exams will be scheduled by student when they feel competent within the allotted six month time frame.

Blitz Course Dates
November 24 - December 1, 2018
January 12-19, 2019
February 21-28, 2019
March 23-30, 2019
April 20-27, 2019
May 23-30. 2019
June 22-29, 2019
July 20-27, 2019
August 24-31, 2019
September 21-28, 2019
October 19-26, 2019
November 23-30, 2019

Part time Evening & Weekends
November 12-Decemeber 17, 2018

For Part Time Evening & Weekends 2019

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204-979-9857 or for
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